Benny Looze in front of old truck

The ‘career’ of transport company Benny Looze

The sixties and seventies: steady growth
In 1969, Benny and Netty acquired the former company of Rinco in Oldenzaal as a new customer. This expansion allowed the hiring of their first driver. At the same time, a space was rented on Emmastraat in Enschede where they could park the vans and carry out small-scale warehouse and transhipment activities. From then on, Benny Looze International Transport grew slowly, but steadily.

The eighties: success and failure
In 1982, Transport Company Benny Looze moved from Enschede to Oldenzaal. At 21 Marconistraat, Benny and Netty saw good opportunities for expansion, partly thanks to the central location. The company was officially opened by Mrs Nelie Smit (Kroes), who later became Minister for Transport, Public Works and Water Management. Shortly afterwards, the A1 motorway was built at great speed.

However, Benny Looze also faced failure that year. One of its largest customers went bankrupt. However, Benny, Netty and all their close members of staff did not become disheartened, and with enormous effort, the BL team pulled through the crisis together.

The nineties: further growth
The construction of a new large warehouse with offices on the company’s own premises in 1992 marked the expansion of operation with 'Looze Warehouse' and 'Looze Logistics'.

Since 1997 Looze also started worldwide logistics. From this time on, activities included transport to the countries of Eastern Europe and beyond.

New ways
In the meantime, the BL team of the family-run company was strengthened by the addition of son and daughter. They, together with the loyal staff in the office and on the road, found new ways of distributing, as well as transhipment and warehousing. In 2001, the work of Looze Logistics was expanded to trailer hire.

Death of Benny Looze
1998 was a sad year for Transport Company Benny Looze. Benny fell seriously ill and died from this illness on 1 April 1998. After driving so many routes over the years, his final trip was across his own premises, followed by two of his own vans. Benny was admired by many, partly for his modest view of life. Nevertheless, the way shown by Benny Looze has been continued with the support of all the loyal staff members.

Present and future
In 2005, Benny Looze is still a profit-making family-run company. The majority of employees have been in service for quite a while. Some have worked at the company for more than 25 years. In the future, the children, and perhaps even the grandchildren, will take over the helm and honour the name of ‘Benny Looze’

Benny Looze in front of old truck
Several old trucks in a row
Old photo from the sky on Benny Looze