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International multimodal shipping

Looze worldwide GmbH specialises in rail transport to CIS, China and Mongolia by rail and sea containers, and in conventional road and rail transport to these and other destinations. For this purpose we mainly use rail; transport with 20ft/ 40ft containers, conventional wagons and wagons with a cooling system. We also deploy standard covered lorries and refrigerated trucks, and if required we charter a freighter or cargo-aircraft for you.

Overview of our added value:

  • International multimodal shipment, storage and transhipment
  • Exceptional expertise with regard to rail transport to CIS, China and Mongolia by rail and sea containers
  • Additional specialisation in conventional road, rail, container and combined transport (including temperature controlled transport) to the locations referred to above and other destinations
  • Handling all customs formalities

Our extensively experienced and creative shipping agents are not only ultimately flexible (available 24/7, also outside office hours), most importantly, they provide a high-quality service (prevent or solve problems, provide alternative possibilities). Their efforts will surpass your expectations. This is why it is best if you allow us to make your transport our responsibility.