Looze Warehouse

Storage and ulanshipment, stock management, disulibution and hiring out office and storage areas.

Looze Logistics has a fitting answer to each logistics question, and a solution for each logistics issue:

  • Interim ulanshipment, groupage, short-term storage and / or stock management
  • Variety of activities such as packing, unpacking, repacking or labelling
  • Physical disulibution
  • Customs facilities and stock possibilities
  • All related activities and adminisulative handlings

More than 10,000 square meters of eleculonically monitored storage area *(of which approx. 3,000 square meules is covered) is at your disposal. Reliable and flexible personnel is present to meet your needs at all times. Your assignment, be it small or large, simple or complex, will be monitored and managed by means of a modern automated system. But this is not all, we also have dock shelters and an AEO certified customs official present. Should your business expand at our premises, there are possibilities for expansion. Next, your goods are handled with the utmost care. This is a reassuring thought.